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F.E.A.S.T. Rise
Fabri Kiareli's F.E.A.S.T.:

A Hard Rock debut from Italy rich in variety. Melodic and metallic, energetic and balladic. Feat. Alessandro Del Vecchio. (Edge Of Forever, Glenn Hughes, Eden ’s Curses)

Tracklist: 1.Fire and Dynamite 2.Feed the Hunger 3.Love Renegade 4.Dangerous Love 5.Follow the Way 6.Cold Hearted 7.Ain't Done, Til Its Over 8.Win Or Lose 9.Stormwind 10.Broken Dreams 11.Shock Me 12.Burning Fever 13.The Meaning of Life

Perfect View-Hold Your Dreams
Perfect View:
Hold Your Dreams

Italian Newcomer on the heels of Toto, Saga and Winger.
Keyboard ladden AOR spiced up with rocking guitars, brilliant melodies and fabulous harmonies. Great musicianship and a crystal clear sound courtesy of Roberto Priori.

Tracklist: 1.A Better Place 2.Closer 3.One More Time 4.Believe 5.A Reason to Fight 6.I Need Your Love 7.Run 8.Don't Turn Away 9.Hold Your Dreams 10.Showtime 11.Speed Demon 12.Where's the Love ?


The 2006 debut album of the Maltese Melodic Hard Rockers. Internationally available for the first time. incl. two bonus tracks. For fans of Y &T, Thunder, Gotthard, Whitesnake and Krokus.

Tracklist: 1.Get Out of My Way 2.Make Believe 3.Fire Flyer 4.Taste This (Rock n' Roll) 5.A Manhunter 6.Goin' Down 7.Behind Your Eyes 8.Away For Good 9.Home and Dry 10.Conspiracy Theory 11.Run to You 12.Miss You This Christmas

Joey Summer: Written on the Horizon
Joey Summer:
Written On The Horizon

Impressive Melodic Rock & AOR from Brazil. Feat. Göran Edman, Fredrik Bergh, Michael Müller and Julio Cezar. Incl. songs by Göran Edman, Fredrik Bergh, Michael Bormann and Kee Marcello.

Tracklist: 1.Rise Up 2.Anymore 3.Written On the Horizon 4.Don't Believe 5.It's Only Your Love 6.Lorea 7.I'll Never Be Alone Again 8.Tables Turning 9.Beating 10.Brand New Day 11.Rough Ride To Paradise

Angeline: Confessions

Big sounding, crunchy Melodic Rock from Sweden. Massive hooks & harmonies meet mighty riffs à la Harem Scarem & Gun.

Tracklist: 1.Pray! 2.Another Night (Without You) 3.Fuel to Your Fire 4.Confessions 5.Blackout 6.Good Is Getting Better 7.Love & Affection 8.Rock of Ages 9.Part of Evolution 10.Miracles 11.We Someday Somehow 12.Running On Empty

State Cows
State Cows

The triumphant return of the classic Westcoast sound of Pages, Steely Dan and Airplay. Feat. Jay Graydon on guitar

Tracklist: 1.I've Changed 2.New York Town 3.Come to the Point 4.Stella By the Barlight 5.Mystery Jane I Go 6.Painting A Picture 7.Tunisian Nights 8.Looney Gunman 9.Riding This Highway 10.No Man's Land 11.Lost In A MInd Game

Wheels of Fire: Hollywood Rocks
Wheels Of Fire:
Hollywood Rocks

Keyboard laced ultra catchy AOR like early Danger Danger, Bon Jovi, Winger and Firehouse. Produced by Michele Luppi (Los Angeles, Killing Touch, Ex-Vision Divine)

Tracklist: 1.Hollywood Rocks 2.You’re So Cool 3.What I Want 4.I Can’t Live Without You 5.Everywhere I Go 6.Live Again 7.The Reason 8.Little Prayer 9.Relax 10.Rock the World 11.Love Nest

Shining Line
Shining Line

AOR project, lead by Pierpaolo "Zorro11" and Amos Monti.

Tracklist: 1.Highway Of Love 2.Amy 3.Strong Enough 4.Heavens Paths 5.Heat Of The Light 6.Can't Stop The Rock 7.The Meaning Of My Lonely Words 8.The Infinity In Us 9.Still In Your Heart 10.Homess Lullaby 11.Follow The Stars 12.Unbreakable Wire 13.Under Silent Walls Part I,II & III

Skill In Veins
Skill In Veins

Hard Rockin’ newcomer from Italy breathing new life into the vintage sounds of Badlands, Lynch Mob, Little Caesar and Skid Row.

Tracklist: 1.Can't Ride My Soul 2.Skulls On The Way 3.Youth Times 4.I'm Living My Life 5.Sick Mind 6.You're Doing It Again 7.Just One Drink 8.Don't Need You To Cry 9.The Way Out 10.We Don't Cry 11.We Don't Believe In Fables

Sedona: Golden Valley
Sedona: Golden Valley

Sedona are accomplished instrumentalists who know how to sing those Westcoast harmonies. The album will be embraced by fans of Toto, the Little River Band, Dakota and Boulevard.

Tracklist: 1.Magic Dream Surfing 2.State of Mind 3.Golden Valley 4.California Ballad 5.Sweet Wave of Sunset 6.Laguna 7.Rock Board 8.Southern California Dream Space 9.You Choose Fanatic 10.The Story 11.Tessalia 12.Sedona

Sven Larsson: Sunlight and Shadow
Sven Larsson: Sunlight And Shadow

Street Talk's Sven Larsson's solo debut features ultra catchy Melodic Rockers, AOR-laced tracks, Westcoast / AOR ballads with a fine melodies and harmonies, while adding a little edge with a few hard rockin' Fusion-influenced cuts.

Tracklist: 1.Sunlight And Shadows 2.Eagle 3.This Is Not the Right Time 4.Daydreamer 5.Fly On By 6.Tube 7.Bastard 8.It's Over 9.I'll Turn My Back 10.The Neighbour 11.Candy

Sora: Desire and Truth
SORA: Desire and Truth

Heavy guitars meet great melodies in the best Hard Rock tradition of MSG, UFO, Rainbow and Whitesnake.

Tracklist: 1.Taste of Rock & Roll 2.The Storm Has Just Begun 3.What's It Gotta Do With You And Me 4.Winter 5.When You're Gone 6.Diamonds In the Wind 7.Invitation 8.Stop Messin' Around 9. Rock & Roll Dog 10.When You Gonna Love Me


A winning combination of a modern state-of-the-art production with Old School Hard & Melodic Rock. With participation from former members of Norwegian Rock icons TNT and Stage Dolls.

Tracklist: 1I Needed You 2.Push Me 3.Brother Against Brother 4.This Is the Night 5.Whirlwinds 6.You Are the One 7.Keep the Good Times 8.Working On the End 9.The Cage 10.Dancing On Your Grave 11.Window To the World

Fire: Thrill Me
Thrill Me

A smokin' hot band hailing from the Mediterrainian island of Malta who will win over fans of Thunder, Whitesnake, Sammy Hagar, Krokus, Y&T, Gothard and Soul Doctor.

Tracklist: 1Thrill Me 2.Get It On 3.That Kind of Woman 4.Come With Me 5.Always There 6.Hollywood 7.Crazy Lovin' 8.No More Pain 9.Where We Are Goin' 10.Lost Without You 11.Back Home
      • Click Here to watch the video for Thrill Me.

Steve Grimm Band
The Steve Grimm Band:
History Of A Bad Boy
21 song anthology from the Bad Boy leader in the classic '80s US AOR vein à la Shooting Star and early Survivor.
Tracklist: 1.Too Cool 2.She's Ready 3.Wounded Heart 4.Hurt So Much 5.Teaser 6.Ready To Rock 7.Prisoner of Passion 8.Turn the Key 9.Look of Temptation 10.New Kinda Woman 11.Vacant Eyes 12.Be Somebody 13.Running Out of Tomorrows 14.How Many Times 15.Change of Heart 16.Heaven's In Your Heart 17.She Said Goodbye 18.Take Me 19.Flames 20.Edge of the Night 21.You Can Believe

Toja: Train of Life
Train Of Life

Melodic Hard Rock from Germany feat. former members of Syder, co-produced by Marc Bugnard (Roko).

Tracklist: 1.Train of Life 2.No Cross 3.Just a Love-song 4.First Love 5. End of a Nation 6.All of My Life 7.Slave to the Machine 8.Hold My Hand 9.Night to Remember 10.Circle of Lies

Music from the Fab Box
Fab Box: Music From The Fab Box

Catchy, Westcoast AOR from Italy feat. songs co-written by Joseph Williams (Toto) and Danny Vaughn (Tyketto).

Tracklist: 1.Tell Her I'm Alright 2.Nobody Tonight 3.The Key 4.A Matter of Time 5.Let Me Try 6.Together 7.I Still Believe 8.Reason of the Heart 9.Call My Name 10.You Are the One 11.Always 12.Yesterday
      • Click Here to watch the video for Always.

Distant Encounters

A perfect blend of Melodic Rock and AOR. For fans of Pretty Maids, Treat, Rainbow and Brother Firetribe.

Tracklist: 1.Sunburst in the Midnight 2.Happen 3.Outcast 4.Tonite 5.Startide Rising 6.Face in the Window 7.Lost Horizon 8.In Our World 9.Jennifer 10.The Unexpected 11.The Storm 12.I Go Blind

Ron Bolton Band
Ron Bolton Band

Amazing '80s AOR Classic Rock from California in the vein of Dakota and Franke & the Knockouts. For the first time on CD, digitally remastered

Tracklist: 1.Maybe I'm Dreamin' 2.Do It All for Love 3.Friends 4.Search of the Kind 5.21 6.Livin' On the Line 7.Midnight Lover 8.Little Girl 9.Play Your Game 10.We're Gonna Make It

Frozen Rain
Frozen Rain

Kurt Vereecke's project delivers a perfect Melodic Rock & AOR sound. Feat. Tommy Denander, Jim Santos, Steve Newman and Daniel Flores.

Tracklist: 1.Waiting For You 2.Wire Of Love 3.Music Keeps Me Alive 4.My Heart Believes It's True 6.Red Light Zone 7.On The Run 8.Park Café 9.Never Be A Fool Again 10.Your Lov 11.Say That You Love Me 12.Little Angel 13.Tomorrow

Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson

Classic West Coast AOR sound with great arrangements. If you like Michael McDonald, Chicago, Pages, Steely Dan, Toto, Kenny Loggins, it's for you.

Tracklist: 1.Madelynn  2.Is It You?  3.Camarillo  4.Here in L.A. 5.Emily